Film & Video

Toruk: Viperwolf Combat Training

I remember watching Joe Roberts at the start of this rehersal. I sprinted for my camera bag just in time to see him pick up this viperwolf and puppeteer it into a beast. In my opinion this is one of the best scenes of the show. Lisanna Paloma and Joe make the magic happen every night. Plus they choreographed and created this scene on their own, with very little stage time.

Giulia Piolanti Tissu Training

Giulia Piolanti plays the principal female character in Toruk. She is also a 9 year Cirque du Soleil performance veteran, with Toruk being her 3rd Cirque du Soleil show (ZED, Michael Jackson Immoral World Torur). This was a clip I shot during one of her technical rehersals.

Daudet Sound Check

I had been waiting to film Daudet for months. He is the most entertaining person I have ever met, which isnt hard to believe when you see him here. This is just his sound check, imagine what he is like infont of 10 thousand people!