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Extended Performance Reel //
Specialty Reels and Resume Below //

0:00 -  3:11   Toruk B Reel and Interviews
3:12  -  3:34   Puppetry
3:35 -  4:00   TV and Clowning
4:00 -  5:50   Aerial Straps
5:51 -   6.35   Short Film Acrobatics
6:36 -  7:54    Chinese Pole
7:55 -   8:27   Martial Arts
8:28 -   9:00  Tumbling / Hoop Diving
9:01 -   9:48   Hand to Hand / Balances
9:49 -   10:35 Toss the Girl
10:36 - 10:45  Group Bike
10:46 - 11:35  Teeterboard / Pyramids
11.36 -  11:45  Diving/Russian Swing
11:45 - 12:22   Extra/Misc Skills

Toruk Aerial Straps Training

Arena touring allows for very little training time on stage. Which is an enormous pain in the ass. When you are an aerialist, you want to put as much finite detail into every single movement. I am luck that my coach from NICA (The Incredible Mr Lu) would always bark at me "You need to deal with it. YOU change for the building, the building is never going to change for you'. Best advice ever. Make the best with what you've got.

Which in this case is 15 minutes a week to validate my technical cues and maybe, just maybe change a couple things. Our head coach Michael Ocampo is awesome and has been great in helping me achieve straps goals each week.

Chinese Pole

Some fun trainings and performance footage from the U.A.E and Australia

Straps in Performance

60 Seconds of performance straps action from around the world

Straps Training

Training footage from around the world

Performance Resume //

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